Top 7 QA Testing Best Practices to Ensure Overall Software Quality

For instance, the developer who had made exhaustive changes has now moved to a different project. The Quality Assurance team is not aware of what testing tools and QA processes were involved. Sure, QE can automate some tests, but you need a solid manual, QA-centric approach to start that development and cover all automated blind spots. Ensuring robust testing coverage in areas like smoke testing lets your team see issues early on without wasting time writing excess code. You cannot overstate the importance of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), as it is a critical step of the software development cycle.

New software testing tools and programs are coming out all the time. If you don’t stay informed, it can be easy to fall behind industry standards. Again, you will have to incorporate testing in your process, for instance by having crowd testers perform usability tests before a new major version of your product is made available to users. You can supplement the manual testing performed in-house with crowdtesting.

How to establish a secure environment to execute software tests?

There are a lot of amazing tools which can help you build automated test cases, manage your tests, or otherwise apply your tests to a SCRUM or Kanban workflow. QA testing is what it sounds like; testing as part of the general Quality Assurance processes of a company. There is so much to say about the best practices for QA testing that it is difficult to put together a coherent article. This will cover the basics of test management including resources; our best practices for QA testing; and then thinking about methodologies.

You can maintain the quality of the QA tests using test management systems. For example, if your team uses Jira, you need to use one of the best workflow management tools that fit Jira. In addition, it is essential to test the code written for automated tests to enhance the quality. AccelaTest empowers manual testers to create automated tests without requiring them to write a line of code. A software tester needs to be able to suggest creative solutions and be fully aware of the best agile software testing practices, which can help identify any unusual or unexpected errors.

QA testing methodologies

This approach entails starting the testing process early in the SDLC. This means the testing team is involved at earlier phases of development than in traditional methods like waterfall, when testing activities begin only after the development stage is over. Another good quality assurance practice is conducting regression testing after updating a software product. When performing regression testing, QA engineers run a selection of tests that have been used earlier in the SDLC to check if the product works as it should. Regression testing allows testing engineers to ensure that updates or new features don’t affect the core of the software product.

  • This strategy enables rapid testing of your product on a much wider scale.
  • In this article, we will discuss the basics of Quality Assurance (QA) and its role in software testing.
  • The group conducts in-depth research into the issue at hand and comes up with ideas on how to improve efficiency.
  • We can utilize performance efficiency to be aware of the responsiveness of an application to perform an activity within a specific time duration.
  • While the agile approach requires the involvement of developers in the test case writing process, they might write code simply to pass the test or subconsciously create tests with limited coverage.
  • This method enables continuous verification, that all changes have been made and the installation has fulfilled your high requirements.
  • Now that you have surpassed the first layer – the physical layer, you can now skip testing and correcting codes.

However, it’s still better to ask than to make an incorrect assumption. If you act based on inaccurate information, it could result in incorrect testing and more bugs in Production. This approach helps you to save a considerable amount of time and will unlock new possibilities if you have been limited in the depth and scope of your testing. Maintaining a list of clear quality objectives is crucial for achieving speed and high quality. Align your quality objectives with users’ expectations and use these objectives when writing test cases. You should also take into account the ISO 9000 quality management standard, as well as your stakeholders needs.

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Therefore, it is vital to understand when to use automated testing and when to use manual testing. The key advantage of automated testing is it can be integrated with Agile workflows easily. This is a healthy solution for companies moving fast towards Agile development. And it is important to keep in mind the software testing best practices before and during automation. As the software development landscape evolves, so does the quality assurance process. To keep up with the latest trends and technologies, QA teams should continuously adapt their processes and procedures.

Best Practices In QA Testing

The number of software releases is the main metric of how frequently new software is delivered to users. Consider reading our piece on main Agile development metrics to broaden your view on this topic. The main challenge of exploratory testing is that it’s software development quality assurance difficult to document its execution, replicate failures, and report defects, as there are no planned scripts or rigid structure. Your end-users will be thankful if you give them a less complicated tool for testing and reporting their observations.

Why is it essential to integrate Quality Assurance (QA) tests with the CI/CD pipeline?

The next step is to consult experts who already have well-established methods that work for them. We can help you out with this one – you can contact our team and onboard experienced QA engineers to your team. We will gladly share our best practices, implement methodologies in your team, and deliver a high-quality product. You’ll be able to take pointers from our methods and later implement those methodologies independently.

Take a detailed look at our testing approach with Penny Wyatt, Jira Software’s Senior QA Team Lead. To avoid developers and QA teams experiencing different application performance results, make sure the QA environment mimics the development environment. Then, as builds move through the development pipeline, test the code under production conditions that simulate customer environments—as noted in best practice #2. Having a solid QA and testing strategy means teams struggle less with finishing testing or even triaging defects. Net Solutions is a leading provider of Agile software development services to create robust apps that suit your brand’s needs. Many testers even document using multimedia methods – including screenshots, video clips, and audio files.

How do you choose a tool/framework for automated testing?

This is a joint effort among developers, designers, the QA team and, at times, even the users, which can be facilitated with the use of a single repository for the application code. Black box testing refers to checking that the functionality of a piece of software works as intended. This analyses the functionality and doesn’t observe internal structures. For a more internal testing method, it may be worth considering white box testing which involves a thorough review of the software code. Your plan should cover what needs testing, who will be doing the testing, what resources they need, when the deadline is, what the acceptance criteria are, and its current status. QA testing doesn’t just look at your software on a surface level, it considers business requirements, security standards, and technical specifications.

Best Practices In QA Testing

According to IBM, discovering bugs after release may be up to 30 times more expensive than discovering them in the design phase. Regression testing helps QA engineers minimize the number of bugs in a product. In the first quarter of 2020, European supervisory authorities issued over 68 administrative fines for neglecting GDPR totaling approximately €50 million. Compliance testing helps business owners make sure their software products comply with the requirements of particular domains and avoid enormous fines. By setting a specific workflow with an established scope for all testing tasks, QA teams can reduce rework and delays that are common issues in both testing and development. The QA team needs to know what bugs to report, what information to include in reports, and what format to use for reports.